Hi, I'm Rachael...

I can be painfully shy at times and I am generally a woman of few words... but I'm sure you came to this section to learn more than that!

I graduated from Halifax's NSCAD University in April 2012 with a major in photography. It was at NSCAD that I discovered my knack for storytelling through the images I created. Throughout school my projects focused on people, truth, self reflection and narrative. 

Just before graduating I responded to an ad posted in the photo department by a couple specifically seeking a student to capture their wedding. Even though I was a bundle of nerves for that first wedding, (I convinced my sister to tag along for moral support, secretly disguised as an assistant), it was a whole lot of fun! The feedback and excitement from that wedding got me hooked! After 6 years of photographing weddings I still approach each one with that same excitement and commitment to storytelling.

Other things I love to photograph...

  • My plants! (I have over 50 plants in my apartment. It's ok, it's not a problem)
  • Nova Scotia's beautiful scenery! And any other place I travel to
  • Friends
  • New friends (Ohh wait, this could be you! As it is highly likely we will become friends once I take your photo!)

So don't be shy like me, say Hello! I'd love to hear from you


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The above image of myself was taken by Caitlyn Colford