I started taking photos in high school after my dad surprised me with a box of full Pentax gear. With a camera in hand most of the time my creative side began to flourish, which eventually led me to NSCAD University. It was there that I studied photography for five years and discovered I have quite the knack for storytelling through images. 


I am a quiet and introspective person, which applies to my photography style quite well, as I tend to capture images in an organic and unobtrusive way. I love images that evoke emotion and nostalgia. I think it’s beautiful when an image can blend those to elements and transport you back to a moment in time. 


I am very relaxed and easy to get along with. At weddings and portrait sessions I often hang back and shoot a candid style but I will always offer subtle advice and instruction when I feel it is needed. To me, the most important thing about working with a variety of people is to capture their unique vibe.


I just really love weddings. The excitement, the party (definitely the party), the warm wishes, smiles and laughs. Count me in. Some of the sincerest moments I’ve witnessed in life have been at weddings. It really is the greatest thing. Over the past six years I have been working tirelessly to perfect my approach which has been recently acknowledged by Wedding Bells Magazine, naming me one of the Top 20 Canadian Wedding Photographers for 2018

Side note: The second greatest thing about weddings, and what also keeps me hooked on them, is the feedback I receive after delivering photos to a couple. It’s the best feeling.

Other things I love to photograph...

  • My plants! (I have over 50 plants in my apartment. It's ok, it's not a problem)

  • Nova Scotia's beautiful scenery! And any other place I travel to

  • Friends

  • New friends (This could be you! As it is highly likely we will become friends once I take your photo!)


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In case you are curious about my crazy plant collection.. it can be found on Instagram now and then.