Photo by Chelle Wootten 

Photo by Chelle Wootten 

Hi. I'm Rachael...

I am very observant, I can be painfully shy at times and I am generally a woman of few words. Now having said that... I did some brainstorming so I'd have more than a few words to say on this very special occasion where I tell you all about myself.

I started taking photos in high school after my Dad surprised me with a box full of Pentax gear. Most of my early photos were of flowers and by having that camera in hand a lot of the time, my creative side began to flourish as well. In the Fall of 2007 I began my first year at NSCAD University and my interest for photography continued to grow. I discovered I had quite the knack for storytelling through photography. This worked out well for my shy, speechless self! Throughout school I created various projects that focused on people, truth, self reflection and narrative. In my final year at NSCAD I interned for Metro Guide Publishing. The internship allowed me to explore new areas of photography and to be featured in some of their publications such as Halifax Magazine, East Coast Living, Where Halifax and Our Children. 

In April 2012, while finishing my BFA, I responded to an ad posted in the photo department for a couple specifically seeking a student to capture their wedding. That's how I met Julie and Gabe, two very wonderful people I still keep in touch with today. They were super excited to work with me and confident that I would do a great job. Even though I was a bundle of nerves, (I convinced my sister to tag along for moral support disguised as a photographer’s assistant), and the day stretched on upwards of 12 hours, Julie and Gabe's wedding was a whole lot of fun! 

It was the feedback and excitement from those two that got me hooked. While I thought I was just there to take photos, I realized I had done a lot more after reviewing the images. I had captured all the fun, happiness, love and support that families and friends bring together. I was able to help them share their story then and for many years to come. I continue to approach each new wedding with that excitement and commitment to storytelling.

So there you have it! Since graduating in April 2012 I have been working hard and steadily growing my business. I still do editorial work from time to time and keep a notebook for those project ideas. Whether you stopped by here for portraitsweddings or any other reason don’t be as shy as I am, say Hello! I’d love to hear from you! 



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