Have questions? Here are a few answers to the most common ones I receive. 


What is your preferred style?

My style is a lot like my personality - quiet, sincere and creative. I like to explore different viewpoints when shooting and use as much natural light as possible. Wedding and portrait collections will include a mix of candid and posed images in colour and black & white. To find out more about my approach to weddings check out my interview with Carats & Confetti!


will you use my images in advertising?

Yes I often will. It is outlined on each invoice and photography agreement. If you do not wish do have your images used that is okay, just let me know!


do you bring your own lighting?

I always have a speedlight flash in my bag but most of the time I work with natural lighting as it fits into my personal aesthetic. I will bring an extra lighting if I feel it is needed for an event.


how much experience to do have?

I spent five years studying photography at NSCAD University from which I earned my BFA. During that time I completed an internship with Metro Guide Publishing, which I still shoot for on occasion. I have been photographing weddings since April 2012.


what else do you photograph?

Well let's see... landscapes, live music events, friends, editorial work on occasion and personal projects.


do you work with a shot list?

Yes I prefer to work with a shot list for the family portraits often required at weddings. A shot list can also include the details that absolutely need to be documented from the event as well!


how many images will i receive?

Typically a full day (8 hours) yields a minimum of 400 images.



Yes sometimes! Certain wedding packages include a second photographer. If I feel the event would benefit from a second photographer I always recommend that to the client.


is an album included?

Yes, each package includes a hard cover album! Albums are typically created during November/December and then delivered to clients.


when do I book my wedding?

Weddings are typically booked anywhere from 6-12 months in advance. It's always good to check for last minute openings!


do you require a meal?

Yes please! I will be spending the whole day by your side so a meal is much appreciated!!


I'm having a small & short wedding...

Awesome! I would say those are my specialty and certainly give me a shout if you are interested!


how much is the deposit?

A 30% deposit is required upon booking a wedding. 


what payment do you accept?

I currently accept cash, cheques, credit cards and email money transfers (they are the most common). 


do you have a studio?

Nope! I will come to you wherever you are. Pick a spot that you really love!


When will my photos be ready?

During peak wedding season images take about 6-8 weeks to process. All other portrait and event sessions take 1-2 weeks.


how are the images delivered?

A small "Thank you" package is mailed out to all wedding clients within Canada that contains a USB drive with high res and web size images. All clients will be given access to an online password protected gallery where images will be available to download in high res and web size. 


how much do you charge?

All portrait sessions are $200 for  1-2 hours on location. Full day wedding coverage starts at $2200. Feel free to contact me for more info on weddings. I've got a nice little wedding guide with all the details waiting just for you!


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